Friday, October 10, 2008

Horseback Ridding

Becca and I went horseback ridding tonight. We took some picture of us with the horses and decided to share!
This is Buttercup (2yr.) and Chic (18yr...momma)
We took more pictures with Buttercup because she obeys a little better....for the most part. Or maybe she just likes more attention...LOL
Becca with Chic. When we go ridding I ride Chic cause she is used to it more and I'm not as skilled with horses like Becca.
However Buttercup is my buddy, but she is very feisty and is way to curious. Tonight both of them were a little feisty. We both stayed on our horses but not with a little bucking and kicking.

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Mindy said...

No fair! I wanna go horseback riding!}