Sunday, October 19, 2008

Putt-putting fun

Steve, me, Tim, Debra, Mark, Beth, (all Crosby's well except and Joe & Kim Slaugter all went putt-putting Saturday night. Tim and Steve are the only ones that got a hole in one and Steve and Mark tied for winning. SO it took us almost 2 hours for 18 holes....but it was a lot of fun and lots of memory's.
I love putt-putting there are so many place's to get cool pictures! Debra says were Queen's of the rock!
So this picture was scary I was so standing on the side of a rock and feeling like I was going to fall any second.
So......the story behind this picture I am sure you all would like to know. However the story is I was just hyper and you that know me when I'm hyper anything can happen. I could also explain it by the very few of you that know one of my life dreams is to build a cool putt-putt I was just getting started by being an obstacle!!

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Margaret G said...

Cool pics...the one with black and white background then with color. Looks like a lot of fun too.